How to set up a Cannabis business


Make Money with marijuana in Spain is not an exclusive business of drug traffickers.

While generally, sale and possession remain illegal, increasingly more countries where its use is permitted for the chronically ill from diseases like cancer, AIDS, multiple sclerosis or epilepsy.

All this is driving a small but growing industry of cannabis for medicinal purposes is estimated at 1,700 million dollars (1,300 million euros). Exploit the medicinal properties of marijuana could be a lucrative business and legal soon in our country.

TheGrow shops Shops cannabis or are in the process of expansion.

The essence of this business lies in theorganic farming, because not only cannabis but also seeds, natural fertilizers or manure is sold. According to the newspaper published only in the province of Granada and there are more than 30 such establishments where the flagship best-selling cannabis seeds are hundreds of variants.

The business is completely legal, because the law only requires you everything you sell it for own consumption.

Part of the success of these establishments is due to the known healing properties of cannabis. Regular customers of these stores are often sick cancer with chemotherapy or suffering from diseases such as fibromyalgia, amyotrophic or glaucoma, finding relief in this product for chronic pain or side effects of some treatments.

These entrepreneurs face the crisis with another philosophy. Even been called «entrepreneurs of joy», although according to the Grenadian spokesman, said that most of their customers are not consumers of cannabis for pleasure, but use your product to alleviate ailments and in many cases are advised pro their own doctors.

What is a Cannabis Social Club?

Cannabis social clubs are associations that supply and distribute cannabis among its members, all older and in a private setting, reducing the risks associated with the black market or the indiscriminate cultivation.

These associations nonprofit arise in countries that have decriminalized marijuana, as is the case of Spain, to meet the needs of smokers who, although they have the right to consume, have no right to cultivate or those rights are Restricted.

Here are various aspects needed to create a cannabis club in Spain and get away try:

1) Creation and registration

The first step is to hold the Constituent Assembly in which at least three founders as a board partners are needed: a president, a secretary and a treasurer. Statutes previously written, must be approved and the founding Act which will be signed and ratified by all members. Here the corporate name is also specified. Most cannabis clubs in Spain are Pioneer club statutes Pannagh.Once held this assembly, these documents are presented in the registration of your autonomous community to formalize the partnership. It is recommended to join the Federation of cannabis (FAC) to legitimize the operation thereof, and contribute to the development of associations nationwide.

2) Registration of partners and consumption forecast

To join, fill partners an application for registration where you pay a fee and provide the ID to prove they are not minors. They also recognize the habitual use of cannabis, will belong to the association and have no criminal record relating to offenses against public health. The most important part of this inscription is the statement consumption forecast.It stipulates partner about the amount of marijuana that will consume per month. The sum of consumption forecasts partners legitimizes the partnership to supply marijuana to its members.

3) Production

Ideally, not to participate in the black market, the association autoproduzca cannabis consumed by its partners. In this case production is adjusted to the sum of consumption forecasts. However, many associations do not have the means to self-produce their marijuana so they resort to joint purchase. Here, in the name of the partners, the Board acquires cannabis from a third party.

The joint purchase is, as production, the sum of consumption forecasts. The maximum forecast consumption is limited to 60 grams per month per member. Whether marijuana comes from self-supply and the black market, it shall notify the producer prices partners or acquisition with maximum transparency. Also, the final price of the product must be properly justified and broken down.

4) Operation

The association will not spread of cannabis and promoting it to people outside it. In addition, it should ensure a democratic organization in which, although powers to streamline decision-making are delegated, mechanisms for partners to participate in them are also guaranteed. As often happens in all associations, some partners are more involved than others, but you should always inform all assemblies and changes.

As the association grows to be assigned jobs to people who are in charge of the functions necessary for the operation of the club, such as production, administration, accounting, management … Members who perform work in the association must have a contract stipulated salary, etc. As elsewhere.

This is one of the most common malpractices in associations are beginning not regulate the work and the consequent remuneration of employees partners. Beware these labor and regulatory issues, as they can ruin all the previous work that has been necessary to set up a cannabis social club.

Business plan

We leave a splendid exhibition that we have found a business plan so you can hop your own GrowShop. The author of the Business Plan is the userLethe forum leave the link at the end of this section)

Structure of the Business Plan:

  • 1. a. The business idea
  • 1 B. The promoters
  • 2. a. Product or service
  • 2. b. Productive process
  • 2 C. providers
  • 2. d. Location
  • 2. e. Human Resources
  • 3. a. Market
  • 3. b. customers
  • 3. c. Competition
  • 4. a. unit prices per line
  • 4. b. Sales forecast
  • 4. c. Communication
  • 4. d. Distribution
  • 5. a. chosen form and motifs
  • 6. a. Strengths
  • 6. b. Weak points

Access to the Business Plan.

Franchises Grow Shop

A new and emerging market, which includes the world of cannabis, is close to that of the gardening sector when it opens a grow sohp, first marketed are gardening products such as soil, fertilizers, substrates, tools culture, useful irrigation and irrigation systems, etc. In Spain the use of illegal substances, even forbidden under strict control and does not constitute any offense, regardless of the reason for such use, including therapeutic. The reason must be sought in social change experienced in our country in transition.

Therefore, only it criminalizes trafficking, ie the purchase / sale to third parties, reason that consumers often resort to personal self-cultivation strategy for their own consumption. That’s where comes into play Grow Shop.

It may seem risky to be proposed to acquire a franchise of these features, mainly because there is increasing competition both locally and on the Internet, and legality does not share many of the views of the AICC (Association legalization of cannabis) groups.

However, the huge and growing demand of cannabis makes Franchises Grow Shop reliable and future business. The most recommended for opening a business of these characteristics option is through the franchise format, which will give us plenty of advantages. These franchises are responsible for the monthly supply of the product at an average cost. The quality is guaranteed and also possess even own product brands.

the ClienteleThe customer is the most important section within the world of Grow Shop Franchise, since the fidelity of these is essential for the proper functioning of the business and to achieve this are very important and exclusive brands own franchise. They are generally loyal customers who often buy, and this is common and culture supplements are very diverse and varied skills needed for cultivation in dor. Payments are usually instantly and over counter, bill.

competitionThe main competitors are franchises available on the Internet, which distributed from other countries to Spain. They are often rejected by high transport costs they ask.

Competition generated by Grow Shops Franchising each other is reduced, this is because customers choose Grow Shop for convenience, availability and proximity. Of course it is impossible that finds a unique Grow in a city, this would be ideal, but if not, offering service and quality products earn customers.

Projecting Franchise GrowshopThe business opportunity involving franchises Grow Shop and especially thanks to his youth is very large, and a business location in prime area is not needed, this type of emerging franchises represents a very good choice with expectations of high growth.

List of Best Stores

We leave an excellent compilation of the best shops in Spain and has been prepared by GuiadeGrows

Facts about Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been around for thousands of years

In ancient China, the plant, known as Ma, and their uses as food, fuel, clothing and medicine dating back to 6000 BC. However, the earliest reference existing medical marijuana goes back to 2737 BC when Emperor Red Shen Nung wrote the classic roots and herbs of the Divine Farmer, a list of the medicinal properties of various herbs, including Ma, to relieve rheumatism and gout pain. For year 2 AD Hua Tuo is remembered for using Ma-I (female plants) and red wine as an anesthetic while performing painful surgeries, including organ grafts and incisions in the back.

Marijuana is good for the lungs.

So, a recent study of 5,000 smokers of marijuana by UCSF and the University of Alabama showed that those who smoked only a few joints per week actually had a greater lung capacity and increased strength in exhalation than those who did not. A 2005 paper UCLA also shows that smoking marijuana can help prevent lung cancer. Unlike snuff containing nicotine, a known carcinogen, cannabinoids and marijuana contains THC, which seem to discourage cancer. Plus it is impossible to die from an overdose.

Where does the name of Marijuana? Nobody knows

There is a lot of speculation as to the origin of the name of marijuana. Folklore argues that it is a hybrid of the names Maria and Juana, slang terms for a prostitute. Another theory is derived from the maraguanquo word meaning «intoxicating plant.» While a variant of the word already appeared around 1873, the plant was known primarily as cannabis or hemp. It was not until the demonization of the drug in the 1930s and 40 (used to suppress minority) that the word marijuana was associated with «burn the legs to the devil.» Over the years, hundreds of nicknames were coined, including grass, kush, wed, cuete, speck, etc.

The Government of India declared harmless marijuana in 1894.

While the use of medicinal cannabis was mainly in ancient China along India can find a lot of consumers. Used to be a common substance used in religious ceremonies and to help them relax. It is often ingested as a drink, boiled milk with nuts and called bhang. He made people happy, so much so that the British colonial government was concerned it could be leading to the madness of the population. A study was commissioned and a report The Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report of 1894. Not only concluded that current use was harmless, but also a ban on the population could be more damaging was published.

Cannabis use could save our planet.

The uses of plant fiber itself are numerous. It can be transformed into rope, paper, cloth, canvas, consumed as a food, and its seeds can be used for generating fuel. It is also good for the planet. A study by McGill University of California estimates that 1 1/2 to 3 1/2 million acres of industrial hemp would take care of all our oil needs. In addition, unlike snuff, which destroys the soil after each harvest, planting marijuana actually improves. It is legal in Uruguay, Peru, India, and even in Iran where it is grown for food / fuel. Legalization would generate thousands of jobs, reduce hunger in the world, would reduce greenhouse gases and help people cope with the pain of AIDS, glaucoma and cancer. It turns out that the «journey» of the plant, is just an added bonus.

World War II

During World War II marijuana was used by soldiers as a «truth serum». Thus, in interrogations a lot of cannabis was administered to soldiers to reveal certain information.

Increased appetite

The sudden increase in appetite after smoking marijuana is purely scientific and 100% real: Leptin is the hormone that controls satiety and when we cannabis receptors THC the fool and pretend that we are hungry when in fact, no tendríamos.Sin But some varieties produce a cannabinoid called THCV (tetrahidrocannabivarin) that modulates the effects of THC on appetite

Did you know…

  1. One in 5 people have tried it ensures ever?
  2. about 6000 million years ago humans cultivate?
  3. An American judge once said that «marijuana is far safer than many foods we eat …»?
  4. A medical study by a team from Harvard University found that «there are no dangerous physical reactions caused by the use of marijuana»?
  5. It is said that in the nineteenth century in Nepal, harvested marijuana naked bodies so that the resin plant was trapped in her skin and the scrape, elaborated stones hashish?
  6. Writer Louisa May Alcott, author of Little Women, also wrote «Dangerous Game» a short story about marijuana?
  7. Milton «Mezz» Jazz musician, started selling marijuana in 1929 and had a flagship product called «mezzporros»?
  8. Marijuana was used as a «truth serum» by the United States Army during World War II?
  9. Before the year 1942 was prescribed to neutralize the pain of childbirth and breast milk contains cannabinoid?
  10. In Vietnam marijuana grows naturally but not smoking? The used to feed the pigs gained thereby is ‘chubby’ and relaxed.


1To treat migraines: Doctors have treated and reported over 300,000 cases in California medical marijuana. 25% of women and 8% of men have suffered migraines sometime in their life.

2Retards tumor growth. The Cancer Society has found that delays tumors in lung, breast and brain considerably.

3Attenuates symptoms of chronic diseases. As irritable bowel syndrome or Crohn be useful against nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. THC is marketed under the brand name Marinol since 1989.

4 Prevents Alzheimer’s disease.

5Treats glaucoma. Helps lowering intraocular pressure.

6Prevents pain. It has muscle relaxant and antispasmodic properties.

7Help the ADD and ADHD disorders. It is the perfect alternative to Ritalin to treat disorders without the negative effects drugs delos ADHD affects 4.1% of adults between 18 and 44 years.

8You can treat multiple arteriosclerosis. For neurological effects and muscle spasms caused by the disease.

9Help with pre menstrual syndrome. Relieves pain. 75% of women suffer from it.

10It helps calm with OCD and tourrette. As in the case of arteriosclerosis approximately 3.3 million and 272,000 tourette OCD sufferers.


Spain is LEGAL in the purchase of seeds, as well as Ireland, England, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Russia, Italy, Canada, Japan, etc. Possession of hemp seeds in Spain is not a criminal offense (Vienna Convention 1961).

Cannabis cultivation may be subject to administrative and criminal sanctions (Art. 25.1 of the Organic Law on Protection of Public Safety and Art. 368 of the Penal Code). The legislation varies by country, so you should inform yourself of local laws before buying. It is illegal to germinate, in any country.

We leave you with a video that illustrates quite well the situation of this business in Spain:

alternative. marijuanacannabisundertakecompanydeal



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